Why Choose Silk Flowers?

There are many benefits for using a silk bridal bouquet, wedding bouquet, silk arrangements, or other floral items used in a wedding. Using silk flowers for  your wedding can save money, the worry of how they will look, and can be used more than one way for the wedding. Listed below are a few reasons for using beautiful, natural looking silk wedding flowers.


       *  Silk bouquets and arrangements can be designed ahead of time, giving the bride the opportunity to see them before hand & she can use them ahead of time for Bridal pictures too.. It also gives the bride a chance to make changes and gives her peace of mind. With Fresh flowers she would only know just a few moments before she marches down the aisle if she likes them or not. There's always the worry about fresh flowers  turning brown and wilting.

         *  She can carry her bouquet on her wedding day and use it for a reception that might be planned a week or even a month later. Should the couple decide to have a small intimate wedding on a cruise ship (Silk flowers travel well). The bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres could be used again at a larger reception after returning home from their honeymoon days or weeks later. This saves the expense of buying them twice. Silk flowers look as nice as they day they were arranged if taken care of properly. They can be re-used multiple times.
       *  Her bouquet along with the bridesmaid's bouquets can be used on the head table to make a beautiful arrangment by clipping them on the front of the table along with draping tulle or other soft fabric.

            *  Silk wedding flowers are great for the bride or groom that's allergic to real flowers. Fresh flowers can cause itchy watery eyes and nose from allergies causing some to sneeze throughout your ceremony or receptions.To the allergic bride or groom this could cause embarrassment and the risk of not being able to enjoy your special day.

      *  Nothing is cuter than a little girl dressed up like a princess scattering flower petals down an aisle before the brides grand entrance. Fresh flower petals if stepped upon sometimes will leave stains. For this reason a lot of churches or wedding venues will not allow the tossing of flower petals by the flower girl. This is another reason for using silk flowers. Silk petals will not stain carpet & are easily gathered up after the wedding ceremony & reception.

      *  A tradition that is becoming more popular is the silk toss bouquet and silk bridesmaids bouquet. Silk bouquets can be saved and a bridsmaid not married can use the silk wedding bouquet she carried in your wedding as her toss bouquet. Also the lucky girl that catches your toss bouquet can save it & use it for her wedding to toss. This is said to be good luck for the newly wed couple as well the lucky girl that catches it.

     *   A bride can cherish her bouquet for years to come without preservation. It also will
stay the same color unlike preserved fresh flowers that turn brown & dry out. Preservation of
fresh flowers can run into hundreds of dollars whereas silk flowers need no preservation.
(Keep out of direct sunlight to prevent fading!)

     *  The bride's bouquet & groom's boutonniere can be used on the couples 25th anniversary should they decide to renew their wedding vows.

         Excerpts from an article written by: Bonnie Goodwin Ray, Author ~ Additional  ideas added by Jeanna